Festool System Essentials Class


Just signed up for the Festool System Essentials Class in Asheville, NC!

I was an apprentice for years, but those days are over now... That doesn’t mean I ever stopped learning though. Not only am I committed to this craft, I’m committed to doing it at the highest level.

I’m always looking for ways to work cleaner and more efficiently. In this business, it’s not enough to be capable of doing the work. You have to produce quality results, fast.

This will be my first “formal” woodworking class since high school wood shop. Looking forward to it!

Watch the video below for more info 🎥 

Topics Covered

  • Work cleaner and more efficiently with system-based, fully integrated Dust Extraction
  • Accurate and safe processing of a 4 x 8 sheet goods with the TS Plunge Cut Saw
  • Precision ripping with the TS Saw and FS Parallel Guides
  • General crosscutting, dimensioning and routing using the Multifunction Table
  • Dimensioning of trim, and the basics of crown molding using the Kapex Miter Saw
  • Construction of basic joints using the Domino Joiner (beveled, mitered, edge, face, etc.)
  • Basic techniques for precision routing with the OF 1400 Router (dados, rabbets, profiles, etc.)
  • Basic techniques for efficient and Dust-Free Sanding, including sander selection, abrasive selection and general progression from rough to fine-finish


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